We live at the edge of a large open space near the corner where Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, and Campbell all meet.  The area is a grassy meadow with many big old oak trees.  There are burrows everywhere.  If you sit still out there on a summer evening, you can hear the rodents shuffling all around you - it's the perfect pantry for a pair of hungry owls.  On the video last year, we saw lots of mice, moles, and the occasional gopher.  Here's a photo of the area where we believe our owls hunt, it's a shot of our back yard, taken from the deck.  The owl box is in the big oak on the left.

We're looking north, the box faces south.  Note the rope swing and the yellow safety rope - they'll show up in some of the pcitures.

Here's a better shot of the tree:

The box is pretty high.  The tree is on a hill.  With a 10' ladder leaning on the uphill sid eof the tree, I can stand on the top rung and be eye level with the box.  With  a16' ladder leaning against the downhill side, I can barely reach the box from the highest rung I dare stand on.

Here's a better shot of the cameras and such:

The box is roughly 8 inches square inside, 16 inches tall, and the hole is 3 inches diameter.  The big white thing on the left is an Infrared floodlight.  The silver thing under it is a wide angle, black and white video camera which, with the IR flood, gives us night vision outside the box.  Out of view behind that camera is another camera, a color camera with a telephoto lens, close up of the hole.  Inside the top of the box there is a black and white camera with built-in IR LEDs for night vision as well as a color camera for daylight use.  Behind that block of wood on the front of the box is another color camera with an eye level view of the owl.  It was great, but currently has a problem and may not be useable.  These pictures are from January, the tree has leafed out since.

You can see pictures from all five cameras here.