The outside night vision camera takes this picture:

It's better at night, although it's slow and there's a lot of motion blur.  The closeup camera takes this picture:

The Mom hangs her head out a lot during the daytime when the weather warms up.  We should get some fine photos off this camera.  This camera was originally intedned for inside the box but didn't have adequate low light performance - hence the close up cam idea.  This camera has a very sensitive microphone, maybe we'll get some sound.  Inside the box, the primary camera is the night vision camera:

But, last year we found it very difficult to distinguish the various things in the box.  We would count the little cache of rodents that she'd store up each night when the chicks were brooding, but they were very hard to see.  We hope to do better this year with this color camera:

Though the limited color inside the box drives the camera's auto color correction logic nuts and the very fine details of feathers and wood chips cause a huge amount of color aliasing.  Finally, we had hoped for some nice chick portraits from this one:

But, it's presently not real healthy.  We might be able to get some B&W off it, we'll see.  This picture of Mom is hard to really see.  She's doing this preening thing where she works on one feather at a time, starting at the base and nibbling all the way to the tip.  It's pretty neat on video, but makes a lousy still.

Someday if we've really got some serious spare time, maybe we can describe the electronics in greater detail.  Those of you who want to put cameras in bird boxes might start at