4/24/2000 - 10:00 PM - still no owlets

I've sat and watched the owl cam live for two nights in a row now.  Tonight there was a pretty amusing incident.  Mom went out at 8:08 - pretty near her customary time.  At 8:15, she wasn't home yet when Dad showed up with a big juicy cricket for her.  He stuck his head in the hole and looked all around in there.  I jumped off the couch to switch to the outside camera in time to see him pull his head out and just stand there, cricket in beak for about a minute.  Then he very deliberately looked all around.  Finally, he flew off still carrying what would have been the first gift of the evening.  I have in the past wondered if when she went out at night she was going to visit him.  That clearly was not the case tonight.

On Dad's next visit, 15 minutes later, Mom was there, but the sequence was a bit different.  He stuck his head in and handed her something (undoubtedly another bug, everything identifiable in the last several days has been bugs).  Then he hopped in and stood beside her for a bit.  He normally looks into the corner, paying her no attention, and then after a minute climbs out and flies away.  Tonight, after a minute, he turned to look at her, then pecked at some of the feathers on her back, she turned and pecked at his neck a bit and then he left.  It sure looked like a display of affection to me.  They're normally so business like it came as a bit of a surprise.

Mom has been more interested in the eggs tonight, she turned them two or three times as often as she normally would do.  Could be a sign, could be my imagination.  I did a get a good look when she left - they're all four still eggs.

I have looked for Dad's roost.  There is a huge oak tree not too far off and in the direction he always goes when he leaves.  It's surrounded with a very impressive thicket of poison oak, but I searched it pretty carefully and don't think he roosts there.  There's another big oak, not too far off and in the direction from which he arrived on his first visit the other night.  I'll have to search that one this weekend.

I'm still surprised at the steady stream of bugs.  If you looked at the pictures from the 1999 owls, you saw that last year's male was a rodent killer extraordinaire.  Of course, I've noticed that the bugs are still squirming when Dad brings them, so perhaps we don't want to see him bring any rodents.....