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We had just decided to call the male owl "Homer" because he seems to be such a loser.  It seemed that all he could catch was crickets.  What little video tape we had of either of them bringing in rodents, always showed "Marge" to be the hunter in the family.  So it was that at 10:30 PM on 5/3/2000 Marge was feeding the chicks.  Here she is in the classic "tent" position protecting, herding, and feeding.

Just then, Homer showed up carrying something big, here it is in Marge's beak.

What could it be.  It was clear the next morning that it was this big rat:

Now maybe we've got pictures of one of these owls flying while carrying a heavy load:

The next morning, Marge was happy in her box with her brood:

And she was feeling like a fashion model, looking into the camera and turning right and left, tryng to show us her best side.