4/22/2000 - You're not missing anything yet.  We've been playing with the different cameras.  About all we've learned is that Dad brings more crickets, beetles, and lizards than rodents.  This seems really odd given that last year the owlets got four or five rodents a day for 2 or 3 weeks.  I'll get some still off of last year's video tape and put them up this weekend so you can see.  I have to wonder what the chicks will be fed this year and if the rodent hunting is not up to par or if bugs are considered good eating in the owl world.  We're still expecting that incubation is 21 days and we ought to see our first chick on 4/24/2000.  We also still believe that we'll know it's coming because Mom will cache food in the box the night before the first chick is born.  There's no cache this morning, probably we should run the VCRs anyway...

11:00 PM - Nothing happened.  But, I put the camcorder out on the camera platofrm and left it running for an hour.  The owls in flight are still all motion blur, but the stills are somewhat better:

That's Mom on the left and Dad on the right.  Here's a better shot of Mom:

I stood under the tree for quite a while and saw  Dad come and go, then Mom go and come.  Neither of them flew directly to the box.  They flew to a nearby branch, waited several seconds, then flew to the box.  Dad first came at 8:15.  It wasn't completely dark, but dark enough so that all you could see was his silouette.